LOST is back!!!


After 8 long months, Lost returns tonight. Dustin and I re-watched seasons 1-4 including all the special features. There is not one stone left un-turned in our LOST knowledge.  I am so incredibly excited for the season premier of season 5 that I can hardly sit still. I am about to pee my pants. Unfortunately they moved the show from Thursdays to Wednesday nights and I will have to wait until tomorrow to see it. So no one is allowed to tell me ANYTHING about the show until at least 2-3 days after it has aired. Please don’t call me and say “Did you see that Locke came back to life on the island!?” or “Did you see Sawyer and Juliet kiss?” (these are things I am guessing may happen this next season).

I watched a short interview with the co-executive producers Damon Lindelfof and Carlton Cuse today. Here are some of the things they promised for Season 5:

1. It will take big risks in the story telling. There won’t be flash backs and flash forwards as in past episodes, but there will be time travel.

2. It will hold  a lot of answers. They will answer a lot of questions with out asking new ones. Things may seem confusing, but all comes together very fast.

3. It will be very fast-paced, every 6 weeks it “becomes a new show”

4. It will show us more about the freighter people, where they come from and who they are.

5. It will reveal more about the Island’s history.

6. Season 6 will definitely be the last season.

For a more detailed interview from the producers, click here. It is pretty long, but has a lot of good stuff. Here is an excerpt from the interview. I feel like it explains my earlier thoughts about why there can’t be casual LOST viewers and those who haven’t ever seen it should just forget it:

“But there’s been a steady attrition over the years, because the show demands that you watch every episode. And Lord knows, I wish there was a way we could do the show where the casual viewer could come along, but once you start writing for those people, the long-term fans will (bleeping) kill you, as well they should. We always thought it would be a cult show, and that’s the show we’ve been writing.”




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19 responses to “LOST is back!!!



  2. hey, that foot only has 4 toes! I just noticed that

  3. thatgirlkate

    @ Judi- that is not funny! don’t mess with me about that!

  4. DUDE – we should get dinner and just go to my house after service tonight!

  5. thatgirlkate

    Don’t even tease me, Judi. Cause I am there-Chic Fil A in my hand, Baby!!!

  6. this is how i felt about 24. after 1 year of being gone, Jack Bauer is back!

  7. thatgirlkate

    @ Teresa- Lost and 24 are similar like that. They have really devoted fans, you can’t miss an episode and it’s all too complicated to explain. We are like rival gangs, Lost fans and 24 fans. We are like the bloods and the cripps, the jets and the sharks, the montagues and the capulets. I guess that means you and I can’t be friends anymore, Teresa. And I am deeply sorry for that.

  8. Stephen Tafoya

    Kate, did you see the important (and hidden) reference to the breed of dog as it pertains to Season 3 Episode 4?? I CAN’T FLIPPIN’ BELIEVE IT HOW THEY MADE IT COME TOGETHER LIKE THAT!! 🙂 Craziness!!!!

  9. Stephen Tafoya

    OH SNAP!!! I thought you said you saw it! So sorry :/

  10. Stephen Tafoya

    Oh, did confessing I watched Lost tonight = me confessing that I wasn’t in church tonight LOL :///

  11. it is heartbreaking to say goodbye. but now it’s time we duel. flagpole? 3pm? your weapon of choice… fists or switchblades?

  12. So… I used to watch LOST, when I say watch I really mean scrutinize and question every frame. I don’t know if I could go back. I think the last epi I saw was when Sahid was a covert assassin or something… Does it get better? I need answers! Currently I’m waiting for them to end the show and then committing a weekend to finishing it once and for all. Should I get back on the band wagon?

  13. thatgirlkate

    @ Archie- I know there are a lot of people who don’t like LOST. For some reason it is a really polarizing show. It is really a sci-fi show more than anything, I think. It is meant to be strange, confusing and layered with story-line. That is the reason so many love it and the reason so many hate it.
    I have loved LOST since the first season, so I don’t know what it would be like to not like it and then try and re-watch it. It seems like if you didn’t like it in the beginning it is going to be REALLY hard to like it now. But, hey, I could be wrong! 🙂

    I want to know what Josh-Kevlar Beard-thinks. Josh, that would you say to our friend Archie?

  14. I think jumping on the hate-wagon for lost is easy. The thing is, it’s impossible to judge it in it’s current state, it’s one of those shows that you have to watch until the end, or it’s not going to make sense. That said, I have been thoroughly entertained by all of the seasons thus far, and the season 5 premier definitely did not disappoint!

  15. thatgirlkate

    JOSH! YOU WATCHED THE SEASON PREMIER?!?! We are all watching it tonight you nerd!

  16. Sadly the hate wagon is a rollin…
    Actually I love the show, but I think I just got disinterested in the story because they didn’t expand the questions at an rate that could keep my attention, or maybe I didn’t like island drama… kinda like the later seasons of The OC. But some of that could be attributed to the writer’s strike, I watched faithfully until early season 4, then, nothing. But there wasn’t a LOST shaped hole left.
    All that to say, if you guys think the storyline is continuing to intelligently move forward, then I’ll give the lost-ees another chance.

    btw, I even got caught up in that online scavenger hut they had going, great idea!

  17. Stephen Tafoya

    On the theory of it’s too late to get into Lost, I distinctly remember everyone saying that last season about the show, however, I don’t think the network (ABC?) was on board with that cause I remember their promotion for it: “It’s not too late to get LOST!!! (on Lost).” Probably the most cheeseball promo EFER, but I still think that if you are determined enough, you can watch through all the seasons in 2-3 weeks tops; it’s that easy to get into it and get LOST in the old seasons. Or you could just watch the hour Lost preview that aired last night from the producers and you can get on the wagon (you won’t be as emotionally involved, but hey, we are a microwave nation).
    I wonder if they’ll try to promote the next season as FOUND like Heroes tried to do by last season being VILLIANS!

  18. Got here through my Google Reader recommendation. I’m always up for LOST talk.

    Damon & Carlton are my heroes. Seriously – like they’ve inspired me to keep the dream of writing for a living alive. Thanks for the interview link!

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