My LOST Season 5 theories:


Josh (Kevlar Beard) posted his thoughts on the new season of LOST. I have a few myself and thought I would steal, I mean borrow his idea and post my own:

*At the end of the season premier we see the woman who sold Desmond the engagement ring in season 3. She is mapping out the location of the island using some pendulum and tells Ben that they only have a window of 60 hours until the island moves again and they must get all Oceanic 6 plus John Locke back to the island in that time. I think she is the woman who Faraday tells Desmond to find at Oxford, but we’ll see about that.

*Everyone of the island seems to be connected in some way. Maybe this makes them each (without them knowing it) each other’s constants. ??? I don’t know…

*Sun meets with Kate and tells her that she does not blame her for Jin’s death. She said she blamed 2 people for Jin’s death- we know her father is one of those people after she takes over his company.  It’s looking like the other person is Jack. Will this lead to some kind of revenge?

*Locke is not actually dead at all, he is in some sleep like state. That is why Ben has the butcher keep an eye on him.  Maybe it took John Locke “dying” to kick Jack into wanting to go back to the island. Ben knew this and set it all up.

*If Kate is returning to the island does this mean that her and Sawyer may end up together in the end? I think the Kate and Jack love story is not going to work, and instead of Kate having to decide who to be with, either Jack or Sawyer will die.

*In Season 6 I think there will be a major show-down between Ben and Widmore. One or both will die, and the island will remain a mysterious place for someone else to eventually find.



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11 responses to “My LOST Season 5 theories:

  1. Stephen Tafoya

    “I think she is the woman who Faraday tells Desmond to find at Oxford, but we’ll see about that.”
    -That was my thought too, and it’s his mother right? They are both mathematical geniuses and didn’t he say go look for my mom there?

    And I think Jack should die. That would be the emotional ending I want… And I think Sawyer should in the last episode come out and admit he is gay… that would be the hilarious ending I would want…! L-O-L

  2. thatgirlkate

    @ Stephen- ha!! That is so funny. Maybe you should write Lindelof and Cuse and let them know your thoughts on how the show should end.

  3. thatgirlkate

    @ Judi- I’m sorry you’re so confused! Maybe you need to watch the Lost in 8min and 15 sec again? 😉

  4. this all sounds fascinating…. 24 is on tonight!

  5. Stephen Tafoya

    No, Wait for it … Lost will end with Ben tearing off his Ben skin and will reveal a sneaky Dr. Grey, and the last line will be, “This is Grey’s Anatomy.”

  6. Stephen Tafoya

    Lost = Hidden promotion of show Grey’s Anatomy

  7. Andrew

    what a quality show. I am liking the theories

  8. Whitney


  9. Whitney

    But I do love ALL of the ORCC people who are into the show…

  10. thatgirlkate

    @ Whitney- I love House! We watch it all the time. It’s just not quite as mysterious as LOST, it always wraps it all up in one episode… and it’s usually just an infection. 😉

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