a mix fit for a president


Dear Mr. President,

First off let me just say Congratulations on your historic nomination! I may or may not have voted for you, but it really doesn’t matter now, does it. I was thinking of ways to welcome you to your new role and to the White House, a plate-of-brownies-for-the-new-neighbor type of gesture. I personally enjoy receiving Mix CD’s from new friends, it helps to get to know them a little better. I decided I would create a Presidential Mix CD for you. It is quite eclectic, mixing a few things together. I’ve heard you really like “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones, so I made sure to include that one for you, Mr. President. Overall it has a political feel, but it doesn’t take itself very seriously. Kind of like me!

Thanks for serving our country. Wishing you all the best!

Kate Groeneman

P.S. check out my blog thatgirlkate.wordpress.com

My “Welcome President Obama” Mix:

  1. Panic-The Smiths
  2. Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones
  3. Coldplay-Politik
  4. Under Pressure-Queen and David Bowie
  5. Blowin’ In The Wind- Bob Dylan
  6. Pride (In the Name of Love)- U2
  7. Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash
  8. Bonzo Goes to Bitburg- The Ramones
  9. Paper Planes- M.I.A.
  10. Michael Jackson- Bad
  11. Star Spangled Banner


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12 responses to “a mix fit for a president

  1. well themed mix. but a shameless plug for your blog. 🙂

    btw, did you want your full address posted on the internets?

  2. thatgirlkate

    It’s not a shameless plug, I’m sharing my blog with the President! Hello!?

    I updated the pic so my address doesn’t show anymore. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. dustin

    Great mix! I’m sure you won’t be put on a government watch list. Why would you?

  4. thatgirlkate

    @ my love- I don’t think so…unless they are watching out for really friendly, giving people. Then I might be.

  5. Stephen Tafoya

    KATE!!?! Where’s Sheryl Crow?? That’s his favorite artist, and she even played for him at the DNC. LOL, that’s funny though…. As a joke, you should’ve put Another One Bites the Dust, then you’d really be on his bad side, LOL, and it would hurt your shameless blog plug LOLx2… We both need a shameless blog plug 12 step program… 😉

  6. haha. this is why we all love kate.

  7. I agree…a classic example of why I love KT!

    First of all – why didn’t I think of this first?
    Second of all – if you get linked on whitehouse.gov, I’m gonna throw you a party!

  8. Stephen Tafoya

    That would actually be pretty cool… List of top websites (excluding google):

    1) whitehouse.gov
    2) thatgirlkate.wordpress.com
    3) youtube.com

    That’s right, you beat youtube! 🙂

    Followed by all Kate’s blogroll peeps that people will link to through… Now, Kate, may be the time to buy your domain: thatgirlkate.com and you could then have kate@thatgirlkate.com

    and it’s available at godaddy.com for $9.99!! 🙂

  9. I have to say an absolutely brilliant song to start the mix. If you can get him to listen to that, you have him. Who can resist “Hang the DJ” for 40 times? He’s yours.

  10. Haha awesome!

    Though Paper Planes is the best…
    “Bona fide hustler makin my name”

  11. Great idea! Hopefully, he actually got to listen to it and you get a response from him (or his office, at least!).

    I don’t know if you knew this but apparently the McCain campaign had a “little” trouble with their campaign music.

    First, Jackson Brown launched a lawsuit over the use of his song “Running on Empty”.

    Two weeks later, Van Halen protested the use of “Right Now”.

    Then, John Mellencamp’s publicist sent a letter to McCain’s campaign office over the use of Mellencamp’s songs “Our Country” and “Pink Houses.” “Are you sure you want to use his music to promote Senator McCain’s efforts?” according to the letter sent to McCain’s campaign on Monday. “Logic says that the facts might prove to be an embarrassment, were they to be circulated widely.”

    Then, when the campaign used Heart’s “Barracuda” to introduce Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention, Annie and Nancy Wilson of Heart were incensed…

    Jon Bon Jovi, an Obama supporter, objected to the use of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, again to introduce Sarah Palin.

    Apparently, the Foo Fighters have also objected to use of THEIR music…

    You would have thought that after the SECOND time they were asked to cease and desist from using music without permission, SOMEONE would have said… “Perhaps we ought to ask permission….”.

  12. thatgirlkate

    @mudhooks- yeah, I did hear about the McCain campaign music fiasco. They should have used good ol’ country music instead. Minus The Dixie Chicks, of course.

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