Sad News

I am sad to report that Moz, the guinea pig, was found dead Saturday morning. Funeral services were held at the dumpster where Dustin shared a few loving words in his memory. We only knew Moz for a week, but his absence is felt and he will be missed.  I have heard it said that “those with shorter wicks burn twice as bright”, that was true of our little pig.

For those who knew Moz, please leave your favorite memory in the comments section.

Rest in Peace Moz Theodore Groeneman.




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8 responses to “Sad News

  1. Hmmm, I smell something afoul… Have you thoroughly questioned Ripley as to where he was the night of Moz’s death?

  2. Dear Moz,

    I used your mommy and daddy’s bathroom and heard you moving about in the tub. I opened the curtain and you fidgited back and forth in a nervous matter. I felt like for one moment, we made eye contact and simply knew that all was well.

    RIP my friend,


  3. thatgirlkate

    Awe, Josh. That was very sweet. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. thatgirlkate

    @ Mark- I thought the same thing. If Ripley is guilty he must be pretty good at hiding any evidence of foul play.

  5. demianfarnworth

    Did you play a Morrisey tune during the funeral? Only appropriate way to mourn anyone named Moz.

  6. Whitney

    aw… that stinks! may he rest in peace…

  7. A sad day for Groenemans, guinea pigs and rock music in general.

    Don’t worry Moz, where you’re going everyday really will be like Sunday

  8. Angie

    I remember the way you used to make me laugh, Moz, as you sat there silently in your tiny cage made for a creature a quarter of your size. You looked so full and satisfied as you chewed your newspaper scraps. Just digesting the good word, you used to say. I can’t believe you are gone- my heart still aches at the thought of not getting to be at your funeral… but I trust that your little guinea spirit will surely rest in peace.

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