Get the heck out of here.

I just read that Ryan Adams married Mandy Moore. Mandy frickin’ Moore. This better not change the love-sick, depressing music I have come to love from Ryan Adams. How can an artist continue writing about love and loss after getting married? I had the same fears when Chris Martin married Gwyneth Paltrow. Coldplay’s music was little less heart-sick with love and a lot more political. I do like the songs that are about Chris Martin’s kids, those are so great.

Well, congrats you two love birds. Hopefully this will make Mandy Moore’s music more credible and not make Ryan Adams’ less.


A tall girl with a short guy. I like that.



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8 responses to “Get the heck out of here.

  1. Sean B.

    I would marry the hell out of MM. And I don’t think it’s possible for RA to jump the shark at this point.

  2. Rachel

    THANK YOU, Sean B. I have read a few articles online so far regarding their marriage, and I’m absolutely sick of hearing people either going on and on about how MM is some teeny-bopper stupid no talent pop star, or how RA is an ugly drug addict, and therefore this is a sham or they’re never going to last or any number of other hateful things.

    So. Thank you. I am happy to read your comment. And thanks to Kate (you don’t know me…I followed a link) for the post!

  3. haha, he looks so bad in that picture. I still ❤ ryan adams.

  4. Whitney

    I still think it just doesn’t work…. MANDY MOORE??? why? what is the world coming to? 🙂

  5. Haha, MM’s music more credible…

    Why does it seem Ryan is channeling Kurt Cobain these days?

  6. Wow, I really don’t like his natural hair color.

  7. dustin

    If Mandy Moore is married to Ryan Adams why is she being photographed with Rick Moranis? Can anyone explain this to me? Honey, I shrunk my street cred.

  8. Mia

    I’m with Sean B & Rachel. What they said!

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