Kate’s Dream Vacation

Where I would stay:





What I would do:




But I wouldn’t wear a suit, that would just be silly. Right?

No, no…I would wear my wedding dress.



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5 responses to “Kate’s Dream Vacation

  1. dustin

    If you wore the suit, you would be KT Lang! Get it? Holy Ghost thats funny!

  2. I sooo want that balloon suit(?)!!!

  3. alysha larrison

    you e correct!!! That would be crazy if you wore that balloon suit!!!

  4. there is actually a photographer that takes pics of women sloshing around in watery areas in their wedding dress. u should totally get that photog to document ur balloon/ocean/wedding dress vacation.

  5. hahahaha that guy looks so funny! I wanna do that!!!
    I think Teresa is talking about trash the dress, which you should totally do.( http://www.trashthedress.com ) IT WOULD BE SOOO CUTE! And you’ll need me to come along too, to.. a… carry your bags! 😉

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