Earth Hour

I am not really one to jump on every “green” idea out there. When I heard about Earth Hour I was more intrigued at the idea of the whole earth being dark at one time, like a nightlight being switched off in the black of space. That sounded pretty cool to me. Well in typical Kate fashion, I had all these intentions of participating. I thought about what everyone would do for 1 hour in the dark and the subsequent baby boom 9 months from that night.  Well today I went online thinking oh yeah, when is that “dark earth night” or whatever, I want to make sure to be a part of it. Well guess what…

It was 3 days ago.

Leonardo DiCaprio would be so disappointed in me.

Here are some cool pictures I found of places that did participate, unlike me.











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3 responses to “Earth Hour

  1. Daniel Chee

    It’s nothing to be ashamed of – Al Gore’s house was lit up like a Christmas tree – apparently he filed that memo in the “special filing cabinet” and didn’t recycle it either.

  2. Whitney

    What cracks me up is that there are streetlights that are still on?!?!

  3. Dexter

    In their defense, it’s probably a safety thing. I’m sure that stop lights were still on as well.

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