scariest cake ever.


Is it a baby or an old man in a blanket? Maybe it’s inspired by Benjamin Button. Either way should rethink this cake idea. Where do you cut in? Do people get a slice that includes a toe or an eye? Is it red in the middle?  I would be requesting a corner piece for sure, one that only has a bit of sheet and blanket, thank you very much.



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12 responses to “scariest cake ever.

  1. pbnshelley

    funniest blog ever.

  2. I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  3. Mel

    That is a creepy cake. I feel the same way about erotic cakes I see at bachelorette parties.

  4. ew! that is a bit awcward!

  5. It’s like a king cake gone wrong. This is emotionally scarring.

  6. Mary Hendrickson

    ha ha ha! that is seriously hilarious! i’ll make sure not to get this kind of cake for your baby shower, k. 🙂

  7. AHHHHHH i have to wash my brain now.

  8. I mean, does anybody really want to know what babies taste like?

  9. Jo

    I wish you would start writing again!!

  10. These photos are amazing and super cute!!! i wish we could get a 4D ultrasound for our little guy!
    Following you now 🙂
    btw, you are gorgeous!

  11. BeckoningChasm

    Perhaps it’s a cake of the Watcher, from Marvel comics, coming down off a three-day bender.

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