I’m back.

After not posting for a while, quite a while…almost 2 years to be exact… I am back.

A lot has happened in two years. In fact it is just too much to recap so let’s just say I am now a mother to an insane toddler, I am an ex-jr. high youth pastor and an almost-certified birth doula. I am married to the most talented graphic designer in the state of Colorado who now works from home, which has been relocated from Denver to Greeley. West Greeley, to be exact. Yes, there is a difference between east and west Greeley-It’s mostly in the smell.

It’s easy to summarize and make it sound like all that change was quick, easy and painless, but that would be a lie. I find too many blogs presenting a false life captured by expensive cameras and perfect lighting. My life does not look like that. It never has. I don’t shop at Whole Foods. I don’t eat at trendy, organic restaurants for brunch on Sunday morning after I ride my cruiser through City Park. Not that I would mind doing those things, I would love it. It’s just not the norm like so many tend to present as theirs.  I eat at Mimi’s when I want a good breakfast and I shop at Wal Mart when I am buying toilet paper.  My life couldn’t be more normal or mundane…or perfectly beautiful.

The past two years have been so full of turmoil, change and dreams coming true that I don’t think I should even try and fill you in. I just couldn’t be accurate enough to do it justice. So let’s just jump right in to the center of life now. Afterall, these are the days…


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