DIY: Flower Halo

(I was asked to guest post on my friend’s blog and so I thought I’d just post it here as well. Enjoy!)

My favorite DIY project this summer was this flower halo. I loved wearing it with loose curls and fun summer dress. Follow these steps and you can join me in feeling oh so pretty.

What you will need:

-large silk flower

-green floral tape

-2 pieces of 16 or 18 gauge green floral cloth wire

-a piece of 4”x4” green felt

-a glue gun

-a pair of wire cutters

-a pair of scissors

You’ll start by cutting 2 circles from the piece of felt at approximately 2” in diameter. Form the wires of your halo by molding and bending each piece into a half circle. Lay the two half circles opposite of each other to create a single circle, laying it over the top of your head to check the fit. Wrap floral tape over 2 sections of overlapping wire at 11 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Trim any overlapping pieces with the wire cutters.

Using the wire cutters, cut the stem off the flower making sure the back is flat. Glue one of the felt circles to the back of the flower. Lay the 3 o’clock section of the halo on the backside of the flower. Sandwich the halo between the flower and the second felt circle with plenty of glue. As your pressing the two felt circles together, pull the halo up on it’s side, making it stand perpendicular to the back of the flower. Insert glue into any openings, making sure the two felt circles are sealed together.

Ta-Da! Now you have a beautiful flower halo. Be creative and experiment with other possibilities. You can wrap flowers around half or all of the halo, you can use the felt to glue flowers onto bobby pins or black elastic bands to use as a headband instead of halo.


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