Doula Bio

I’m working on my doula bio a little tonight… here’s what I think will be my final draft.

Hi!  My name is Kate Groeneman. I am a happy mama to my son Liam, and an adoring wife to my husband, Dustin. I was inspired to become a doula from my own birth experience.  The natural birth I had planned suddenly took an unexpected turn and I found myself with an emergency C Section. Without the constant encouragement, strength, and care of my doula I would’ve been lost and discouraged. She was there to guide me and my husband, whisper encouragement to me, and hold my hand to let me know everything was going to be ok. It changed my life. My desire is to provide that same service of love to you and your partner before, during and after your birth. Guiding you to the top of the mountain and celebrating with you when you see your precious baby for the first time!
Each birth is unique. It is your own special story, and I would love to help you write your story.


Hope it expresses my heart without being too cheesy or salesman-y. At least it is accurate to what they’ll be getting- little credentials, big heart.


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