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Where is Kate and Dustin, you ask?

Oh, we’re just here-


Staying here-


Relaxing here-


With these 2 people-



That’s all. NBD.

Be back Thursday, ya’ll!!



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Jesus is not Ghandi


Last Thursday Dustin and I saw David Bazan perform a “house show” at our friend Josh’s place. There was about 50 of us nicely packed into the living room where Bazan strummed his guitar and played a great acoustic set that even included some classic Pedro the Lion songs.

Bazan always has a question and answer time at his shows. Dustin saw him a few years back and was really struck by some of the answers he gave. So I was really interested when someone asked him if he believed in an afterlife. I’m not going to write out the whole reply because I don’t remember it accurately enough to do it justice and also I’m a blogger not a reporter. But there was one part that stuck out to me- Bazan said that he is no longer afraid of death and hell. He said he has come to realize that hell is something that some mean people made up as a threat. (He didn’t talk about heaven so I don’t know if he feels that it is something nice people made up or not.) After stating some disgust at the state of the Evangelical church he went on to say that he would just like to see people follow what Jesus taught. There were supportive “yeahs” and light clapping around the room.

I’m not trying to single out Bazan, but he is a good example of a common theology among our culture. It has become popular to see Jesus as a sort of Ghandi figure, quoting the couple of verses that fit their personal idea of who Jesus is- love your neighbor as yourself, take care of the widows and the poor, turn the other cheek, ect.

I find that they often leave out the parts where Jesus talks about the divisive things: the kingdom of Heaven advancing by force, worshipping God and serving only Him, how Jesus will turn people away from heaven, how real hell is and how many will end up there, and don’t even get me started on the parts where Jesus starts predicting the future and talks about a final judgement. These are not the things that you hear when people reference how great Jesus was-WAS-and how we should all follow his example.

People think of Jesus as some really great guy who taught us how to live in love and peace with humanity. The ultimate hippie. That is partly true, in a very pathetic, watered down way. Jesus didn’t see himself that way. He said: “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace on the earth! No, I came to bring a sword.” Surprised? Read Matt 10:34-39.

Is this the Jesus that you know? If it’s not then it’s time to open a Bible and read who it is you claim to know and follow.


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Christmas Party Pictures!

Saturday night Dustin (my husband) and I had the pleasure of celebrating Christmas with our amazing friends at Josh’s house. There was a little Arrested Development (the Christmas episode), a little burnt pizza, a little guitar and a whole lotta love.



For video of Mark singing “The Christmas Song” and Mark, Josh, Al and Dustin singing some country jamboree click here, wait not there, click HERE.


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Pictures from the Coldplay show

waiting for the lightrail and gettin’ pritty, pritty excited…






Chris Martin doing his stand up routine.


“in my place”



“The Scientist”

just a personal show in our section, no biggie.

just got to hold chris martins hand for a second, thats all.

no big deal.

For video of full songs visit my facebook or click HERE.

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Yeah, you could say I am pretty excited.

Here are a couple things I am excited about:

1) Charlie Kaufman the writer of three of my favorite movies-Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malchovich, has written and directed a new film called Synecdoche, New York starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The trailer is like a dream, the colors, the music, the feel, the amazing sets.

See the trailer here.


It says it was released in October, but it must be very limited release because I can’t find it playing anywhere in Denver. If you know where it is playing please let me know. Maybe we can go together…and I will buy you popcorn as a thank you.

2) The Flaming Lips have created a full length feature film called Christmas on Mars: A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuring the Flaming Lips. I was listening to a radio interview this morning with Wayne Coyne (lead singer of The Flaming Lips) where he was talking about the 7 years it took to make this crazy movie. Apparently he doesn’t care much about continuity in film and didn’t mind that one of the actors was a heroin addict when they began filming, then quit and gained 30 lbs which changed the look of the character he was playing quite a bit. I guess in one scene the guy walks out the door as skinner as a skeleton then walks back in 30 lbs heavier. Not to mention that Wayne Coyne has obviously aged quite a bit in 7 years and looks noticeably different.  Anyway, this movie is about a few things, Mars, a baby, a guy in a Santa suit, Wayne Coyne as a martian, and spaceships-all filmed in Coyne’s back yard.

You can watch the trailer HERE. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Dustin and I are going to try and see the Midnight showing on Friday, November 14th @ The Esquire.

If you want to join us email


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Sigur Ros Concert-Red Rocks

Here are some pictures from the Sigur Ros show Shelley took me and Dustin to. We then took Angie and Fletcher. It was like a real-life example of Pay It Forward people, minus the annoying kid from the 6th sense, whats his name…oh Haley Joel Osmond. Yeah, minus him. Anyway, here are the pictures.

When looking through binoculars, one must match.

When there is a camera present, one must always be ready for the picture.

When at Red Rocks, one must always take a picture with the stage and city behind.

When taking a picture with a friend, one must always smoosh your head together.

When at a Sigur Ros show, one must be quite serious.

My friend Kate was also at the show, but I didn’t get to take a picture with her. Instead here is a picture from her 25th birthday party from the 6th of this month. I love Kate.


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Speaking of Depressing

My friend Mark blogged about recently watching “I Am Sam” and crying like a baby. The movie is ridiculously depressing, and as I said to Mark, I will say again- I hate movies and music that are purposefully depressing, it feels manipulative to me. Sean Penn may be a retard, but technically he is not mentally handicapped, but somehow you watch that movie and it makes you want to just die.

Case in point: “Christmas Shoes” by Newsong. What an over-the-top, purposefully pitiful song.

I knew girls in high school that loved to cry. They would intentionally watch something or listen to something just to cry. Either as a group of girls crying in a soggy huddle or alone in their room staring in the mirror crying and thinking “This is me crying. This is what I look like when I cry” while listening to Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Ok, so maybe I was the one crying and looking in the mirror, but I have grown out of that phase and I refuse to watch or listen to things that are only trying to push my cry button with fake, sad scenarios. I don’t mind true stories and I do cry when I hear horrible things on the news, and I feel no shame in that.

While I’m on it, don’t even get me started on the crying girl from American Idol.

Perfect example.


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